We love how the internet turns everything upside down.

Do you?

We love how the Internet enables all of us

We are a Switzerland/UK based tech company focussing on creating online communication platforms. Never before in history has a technology changed the way we communicate and work so dramatically. The internet reinvents the way people, services and products connect. coANDco helps its partners to leverage opportunities and benefit from the new communication technologies in the connected age. Whether it's developing a successful digital strategy or building a platform, we are the right long term partner. We help our partners to thrive through connected digital media.

We love how it changes business processes

The fact that we live in a connected world has far reaching consequences. Think about your own business. A lot of it could probably be made more efficient by using a smart digital and connected platform. We are currently working on a digital platform that will make sea freight much more efficient in the future. Together with our client we strive to make world trade more efficient through connected technologies.

We love how it enables greater internal communication and sales support

Digital Marketing

Communicating internally effecively means presenting your message in a comprehensive and natural way. What medium lends itself better for this than (interactive) video? And the iPad is the perfect platform for this. It's compact, has a crisp display, is connected to the internet and is capable of presenting multimedia files. We have built a video enabled sales support and internal communication platform called OnAir that has become such a great success, our clients are now requesting it to be available in other languages including Chinese.

We love how it changes the way we advertise


We are working with E-Bookers and Swisscom on an advertising platform, that allows them to manage banners across networks easily from a centrally managed system. The details of these projects very much secret, but we can tell as much: it rocks! And it is boosting their online advertising in a big way!

We love how it changes the way we shop

Snap Fashion

For the London based Start-Up Snap Fashion, we have created a mobile and web application for visual product discovery of fashion. The algorithm has been developed by Jenny Griffiths, inventor and founder of Snap Fashion. coANDco provided the initial web and app development for a timely launch at the London Fashion Week 2012. The award winning application was built within a record time of 3 months.

We love how it changes the way we meet each other

Where Are You App

What started as a Last-Friday-of-the-Month-Fun-Project gained a lot of traction and is now used around the world. Our "Where Are You App" (available for iPhone and Android) allows you to locate and meet friends using just SMS technology. Your friend doesn't need an app. It's a simple mechanic - in fact, we believe it's so successful because it's so simple. Try it out.

We love how it changes the way we work

Agile Method

Before the internet, releasing a product was a bit like rocket science: Like a rocket, software couldn't be changed after it was launched and distributed on a CD. Now, with connected technology, we can update products on the fly after they have been launched. This allows us to incorporate learnings during and after the launch and constantly improve and adapt the product iteratively. At coANDco, we embrace this so called "agile" way of working.

We love our customers

Agile Method

These are just some of the clients we have had the pleasure of working with.

We love how small companies can think big on the internet

coANDco Team

We are a small company with big ambitions. Our team in Switzerland counts 20 full time employees, our team in London counts 6 full time employees. We do all software development in-house but work with partners around the globe for distribution. Our speciality is the Swiss and UK market. coANDco has been operating in Switzerland since 2007 and in the UK since 2009. We are registered in Switzerland, England and Wales.

And what do we actually do?

Our offering is very simple. We offer three main services:

  1. Consulting: digital strategy, concept and feasiblity studies. For example: We develop a concept how you can best benefit from the digital revolution.
  2. Production: build and design of online applications and platforms. Mobile, tablet and desktop. For example: we build HTML5 mobile applications that helps you streamline business processes.
  3. Distribution: national and international distribution via advertising networks or social media. For example: we create buzz around your newly built application across Europe via our partners in the Box Network.

We love how easy it is to stay up to date

We are currently doing some research in the field of digital marketing and product development. If you would like to stay up to date and know about our findings, join our newsletter. You will get a up to 4 updates per year. Our recent studies included how the connected technology changed Education, Product Discovery, Knowledge Sharing, Recources Sharing and the Travel Industry. We are also engaged in Public Speaking and had appearances with our research at TEDx Russell Square, Digital Shoreditch and in an online radio show for London's Zone1 Radio. To receive our insights, just click on the button below or send us a mail to newsletter@coandcouk.com

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We love how easy it is to get in contact

coANDco in London Map

If you think the internet can change the way you do things, you should talk to us. We can make sure, you make the most of the digital age and stay ahead of the curve. If we've come this far with just Ones and Zeroes, imagine how far we can take it by just thinking a little bit outside the box!

E: hello@coandcouk.com
T: +44 207 25 444 13

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